Electric Plank Bender for Modeling

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Electric plank bender. It will help you to fold the wooden strakes to give them a curved shape, so necessary in the wooden ship modeling.

Electric Plank Bender AC 220v.

Brass tip to bend the wood of the model.

Metal table stand with thermal-protection included.

Screwdriver to tighten the brass tip on the electric appliance.

Wooden template with composite curves.

Bonus: White glue for modeling.

WHAT IS THE ELECTRIC PLANK BENDER USED FOR The electric plank bender is an irreplaceable tool to successfully bend any strips or rods over 3 mm. Wooden base included, with two pre-cut curvatures, in order to be gradually gaining curvature. The purpose is to have the most pronounced curvature. Table stand with thermal-protection included.

Electric Plank Bender for Modeling

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Nome Electric Plank Bender for Modeling
Referência ART27074-1
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