Set of Professional Modeling Tools Nº1

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What includes:

Plank Bender (includes spare blade) - Pliers for bending of wooden slats by making incisions on the inside of the curve you want to achieve. Made of ABS.

Tweezers - Ideal for working and handling small pieces.

Hammer with Metal Head - Basic tool of multiple uses. Modeller hammer made of chromed steel.

Flat Rasp - For roughing and leveling surfaces.

Ruler - Metal ruler of 150 mm. To take measurements, use it as a guide...

Round Nose Pliers - They let working and giving shape to metal pieces, wires, etc.

Set of Professional Modeling Tools Nº1

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Nome Set of Professional Modeling Tools Nº1
Referência ART27001N
Tipo Alicates , Limas e Lixas, Martelos e Furadores, Pinças, Réguas e Esquadros