Viking Nave Viking, X Century

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Length: 293 mm
Height: 275 mm
Beam: 360 mm


Designed entirely on 3D, the renenewed wooden model of the Viking includes all the parts of his helmet cut by laser on board of first quality linden. This ensures a precise and pleasant assembly. The hull is double-lined: a first with birch ladles and a second lining with sapelly veneer. The second liner is designed for beginners modellers because it allows hiding the small errors of the first liner.

The Viking modeling kit also includes wood and metal decorations (like the two dragon heads) that give a touch of distinction to the model. We've also included a stand and a nameplate for the new Viking. And, a tradition on this company, a beautiful pre sewn color sail, ready to be fixed to the stick. We have made great efforts also with the instructions to assemble the model of the Viking.

HISTORY OF THE VIKING BOAT: THE FIRST SHIP TO ARRIVE IN AMERICA The Viking is a scale model with a lot of history. Who has not been astonished to admire these sculptural ships in museums or movies and to think of the courage of its crew when navigating inhospitable and dangerous seas. The Vikings were the first Europeans to reach America several hundred years before Christopher Columbus!

Viking Nave Viking, X Century

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Nome Viking Nave Viking, X Century
Referência ART19001-N
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