Bristol Blenheim MkI Bomber (NEW TOOLING)

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Ref: AX04016

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New tooling
Number of Parts: 142
Dimensions (mm): L169 x W238

Ordered straight from the drawing board in 1935 the Bristol Type 142, later called the Blenheim was, for its time, a very advanced aircraft but by the outbreak of the Second World War it had been overtaken by fighter development. Seeing service across all the major fronts of the Second World War, the Blenheim was used extensively by the RAF as both a light bomber and fighter before being phased out of service in 1943, replaced by more modern types less vulnerable to enemy fighters.

Bristol Blenheim MkI Bomber (NEW TOOLING)

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Nome Bristol Blenheim MkI Bomber (NEW TOOLING)
Referência AX04016
Escala 1:72
Tipo Kits - Aviões Militares
Tema World War II (2ªGM)
Tipo de Material Plástico