Eurofighter "Bronze Tiger"

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The Eurofighter is one of the most advanced Multi Role Combat Aircraft. In the air superiority role it is optimized for both long-range and close air combat. The Eurofighter also has extended capabilities in the air to ground role. For Tiger Meet 2014 Taktlwg (Tactical Air Wing) 74 in Neuburg presented a Eurofighter in a truly fantastic livery and thus won one of the coveted awards.

- Detailed ejection seat
- Detailed Cockpit
- Moving Canards
- Detailed air intakes
- Thrust nozzles in two configurations
- Detailed air-brake flap
- Detailed undercarriage
- Air-to air refuelling probe
- Two external fuel-tanks
- External load pylon's
- Extensive range of guided weapons included in the kit
- Super decal set with decor-panels for the Bronze Tiger version

Eurofighter "Bronze Tiger"

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Nome Eurofighter "Bronze Tiger"
Referência RV3949
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Tipo Kits - Aviões Militares
Tema Material Militar Moderno
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