Fallschirmjäger, 1944 (1/16)

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Ref: EK16-F006

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Fallschirmjäger, 1944 (1:16)
Scenic Base included
Ready to assemble cast resin and metal kit.
Ultrarealistic figure.

The figure depicts a German paratrooper Oberfeldwebel (sergeant major) sporting the tropical clothing donned by these troops in Italy during the last phase of the war and a jump smock in splinter camouflage pattern.
Interestingly, he is armed with a FG42 (G model) assault rifle, the second version of the Fallschimhägerwehr 42. These assault rifles were specially designed for paratroopers and first documented use took place during the daring rescue of Mussolini at the Gran Sasso in September 1943.

Necessary Andrea Colours
(Ref. Andrea Color XNAC):
ACS-001, ACS-002, ACS-003, ACS-006, ACS-007, ACS-011, ACS-013, ACS-014, ACS-017, XNAC-17, XNAC-28, XNAC-33, XNAC-41, XNAC-42, XNAC-59

Fallschirmjäger, 1944 (1/16)

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Nome Fallschirmjäger, 1944 (1/16)
Referência EK16-F006
Escala 1:16
Tipo Kits - Figuras (Metal)
Tema N/D
Tipo de Material Misto