F-16 MLU TIGER MEET 2018 31 Sqn. Kleine Brogel

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Kit em plástico para montar, colar e pintar.

A caixa contém o kit, decalques e as instruções de montagem.

Produtos a adquirir à parte: tintas, cola, pincéis e ferramentas.

Number of parts:98

Length:207 mm

Height:70 mm

Wingspan:143 mm

An exclusive piece of hobbyist pride: the F-16 Mlu Tiger Meet Modelling promotes intuition and the ability to concentrate. And when, after hours of fun with your favourite hobby, you have made the perfect model of the famous US F-16 multi-role fighter on a scale of 1:72, a little pride is justifiably allowed to swell your chest. Because with the F-16 Mlu Tiger Meet from Revell, the collection of the experienced hobbyist is enriched by a very special piece. In service around the globe - until today! The F-16 is one of the world's most successful fighter aircraft of all time. The single-engine, multi-role fighter from American production was originally produced as a light fighter for the U.S. Air Force. However, its special features, such as the bubble-shaped cockpit canopy for improved all-round visibility, the side-mounted control stick and the reclined pilot's seat, quickly made the F-16 an export hit for military missions all over the world - until today! Craft the legendary F-16 in the exclusive Tiger Meet design now! Never has a fighter jet been more stylish than the F-16 Mlu Tiger Meet With the F-16 MLU Tiger Meet 2018 31 Sqn. Kleine Brogel, Revell is launching the perfect model kit for the modernised US multi-role fighter This particular F-16 of the 31st Tiger Squadron of the Belgian Air Force based in Kleine Brogel (Belgium) impresses with its numerous details and its spectacular design. The unassembled artstoffmodel kit with a difficulty level of 4 (age recommendation 12+) has illustrated, multilingual assembly instructions as well as all decals that perfect the unique design. The details: Detailed cockpit Tragflächentank Detailed main landing gear 98 individual parts Width: 14.3 cm

F-16 MLU TIGER MEET 2018 31 Sqn. Kleine Brogel

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Observação: Kit em plástico para montar, colar e pintar.
Nome F-16 MLU TIGER MEET 2018 31 Sqn. Kleine Brogel
Referência RV3860
Escala 1:72
Tipo Kits Avioes Militares
Tema Material Militar Moderno
Tipo de Material Plastico
Disponibilidade Em Stock