Hummer H2

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Length: 194 mm
Parts: 87
True-to-original bodywork with fine surface details
Separate movable tail gate
Model simple to build
Separate exhaust assembly
Detailed interior with authentic dashboard, textured seats, rear bench seat and loud-speaker system
Detailed, one-piece chassis
Rotating wheels
Screws and metal axles
True-to-original reproduction of chrome wheel rims
Instructions and authentic decals

For the development of the Hummer H2, General Motors made extensive use of the technology in their own models, but gave the vehicle an individual shape which, naturally, was based on that of its predecessor. The Hummer H2 however is of different technical construction, but visually cannot deny its roots in the H1. Since 2007 the SUV, which is almost 5 m long, has been powered by a 398 hp, 6.2 liter, V8 engine which can accelerate the 2.9 ton but in no way cumbersome Hummer H2 from 0 to 100 km/h in 11 seconds. As General Motors have given this attractive vehicle electronic control systems, it has a top speed of about 160 km/h. The vehicle is also known for its appearance in many films and TV series, such as CSI Miami.

Hummer H2

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Nome Hummer H2
Referência RV7186
Escala 1:25
Tipo Kits - Auto Estrada
Tema Humvee
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